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TERRIUM is a game for creators, competitors, and explorers. Join the community now.

A remake of the original OSX game, Mars Explorer, TERRIUM at its core redefines modern multiplayer vehicular combat. Our Gliding Buggy, Swift Hovercraft, Agile Jet, and Sticky-Treaded Tank offer an unparalleled strategic gameplay experience.


Special Ability: Glider-Wings

Drive and glide with the original offroading vehicle.

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Special Ability: Flying

Dominate the skies in a spaceship-like aerial vessel with added hovering pads for maneuverability.

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We like to keep an open dialog with our playerbase. We'd love your feedback!


Special Ability: Sticky Treads

Blast away your foes from stealthy positions on walls and ceilings with this vehicle's heavy artillery and sticky treads.